Dr. Nada Luburic, Dc

Dr. Nada graduated from Canadian Chiropractic College and has been a chiropractor for 19 years.

When Dr. Nada isn’t working she enjoys golfing 🙂 and traveling as well as spending time with her daughters and her new granddaughter!

She has always been active and involved in a variety of sports i.e. track and field, marshal arts, sailing, skiing, hiking, basketball, etc.

Ailments related to her forceps-assisted birth led her to, very early in her life, pursue a quest for knowledge regarding health and wellness in the body, mind and soul.

The importance of education and prevention draws under her care: families with children of all ages, athletes looking to enhance their performance, wellness-oriented youth, symptomatic patients as a result of different accidents and seniors who want to stay young.

Chiropractic changed her life and she is here to give back from the bottom of her heart.

Her vision is to help each of her patients to become the most authentic version of themselves in their life.

No matter where you come from you will find yourself right at home in Dr. Nada’s office.