Ingrid Kozulis

Ingrid is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  She believes that nutrition is much more than just “fruits and veggies” and with the vast amount of conflicting information out there, she has made it her goal to share her knowledge and guide people towards achieving their health goals. Ingrid understands the difficulty of balancing family, work, leisure and the desire to eat nutritionally and incorporates this into her nutrition talks at Eagle Chiropractic.

Ingrid is the mother of three sons and two dogs. On her free time she enjoys reading and fashion sewing. She also loves going to farmer’s markets and often enjoys riding her bicycle there, filling her basket with a variety of nutrient-dense foods to take home with her.

Ingrid wants to start helping you get healthy today! Call our office to book an appointment or schedule yourself in for one of Ingrid’s complementary nutrition talks.