Happy Patients.
Laura M
In my young adulthood my neck had a tendency to lock. I had a pinched nerve that was very painful and I could not move my neck for weeks. My family doctor prescribed muscle relaxants and pain killers but could not get to the root of the problem. He then referred me to Nada and said she has been known to work miracles. I saw her and after my first treatment I could instantly move my neck about 90 degrees. After a couple more treatments my neck had full range of motion. With regular appointments my neck has never seized up again.
Nada also helped me prepare for a quick and natural delivery when I was pregnant. Nada ensured my spine and pelvis were aligned which helped in a complication free and very quick delivery. I can happily say that I delivered two hours after being admitted to hospital.
Eagle Chiropractic has greatly improved and maintained my health over the years and I am very grateful for the quality care I receive.
Katie Ruberu
When I first heard about Dr. Nada, I was apprehensive. “How could someone relieve my anxiety with chiropractic?” After the first treatment, I walked out of the office on a cloud! My physical body was entering into some kind of self-repair, I found myself taking a long, long nap and waking up with renewed energy and vigor.
Every time I visit Dr. Nada, she knows exactly how to locate the anatomical points of my stress. Then her treatment always satisfies the needs of that area in my body. Her therapy has become a staple part of my health and well-being.

I highly recommend Dr. Nada to any of my family and friends. Through her efforts in patient education, I have learnt that the spine is what protects the nervous system which is what allows me to live a healthy life… it makes great sense to have her as a member of your health care team. I’m glad I did!

Michael Ruberu
After a financial setback, I found myself performing manual labor jobs for approximately 6 years. At the time, the need to make money was more urgent than the silent cries of my own body. But sure enough, following a change to a more sedentary career in office administration, I began to experience frequent back pains, clicking in my knees and a steadily increasing loss of sensation in my left anterior thigh.

Through a family referral, I found myself sitting across from Dr. Nada Luburic. Initially, her methods seemed unconventional (my initial consultation was based upon x-ray results, no bone-muscle manipulations) but in the consultation, I felt as if I was sitting across from a psychic! She was able to accurately diagnose all of my complaints without me saying a word! This was performed by a thorough review of my x-rays through the eyes of a seasoned and knowledgeable health care provider.

I quickly realized that Dr. Nada was the right decision: sensation has returned to my left anterior thigh, my knees have become stronger, and I am also finding other incredible benefits like a strengthened immunity (no illness in 6 months!), and I am consistently in a far better and positive mood.

It is no wonder that Dr. Nada has patients she has adjusted for decades, on a routine basis. I consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed to have found someone to help me through this trial, and I want others to be aware of the invaluable resource Dr. Nada provides.

Maria Cabral
I had back problems since I was 17. I kept going to Doctors, Physio and kept taking medication for pain.

My diagnosis was osteoarthritis.

One day I bent down and couldn’t get up. I couldn’t even brush my teeth from pain.

I told my doctor that “something has to be done, enough of this pain, I can’t take this anymore.”

That is when my medical doctor referred me to Dr. Nada and that was the best thing ever!

I keep telling my husband that it was the best money I ever spent.

After a few appointments my low back and hip pain never happened again.

I was in a severe car accident where I was hit from behind where the impact was so strong that it broke the car seat. I had constant headaches and could not turn my head at all. In order to look sideways I had to turn my whole body.

Presently I am able to move my neck in any direction with ease and without any problems. One winter after shovelling heavy snow four times in two days, I went to bed feeling a little off. The next morning I was extremely dizzy and was diagnosed with vertigo and was told that it would take 3-6 weeks to get better. “Wait a minute, I said to myself,” I will go and see Nada”! I noticed the difference after the first adjustment and it was completely gone after the 3rd adjustment within a week.

At this point I have been seeing Dr. Nada for Wellness Care for the past 10 years.

Things that I could not do at all like walk up the stairs, now I perform with ease and run up the stairs.

David Yawney
In 2011, I was diagnosed with T cell lymphoma. After six months of chemo, I was told that I was in remission.

Approximately six weeks later, the cancer was back with abandon. Another round of chemo much stronger than the first delivery, and my health was dropping fast.  I was admitted to the Juravinski Centre for a stem cell replacement, but they were unable to proceed because the cancer could not be stabilized. If the cancer could not be stabilized, the procedure could not go forward.

I was released from the Centre and given no hope of survival. I revisited my oncologist and he gave me two to three months to live. I am thus sitting at home with a bottle of oxycontin and a tank of oxygen. There was no further medical procedures or medicine available to assist with my extreme desire to survive.

Rather than just give up, my wife and I went heavy on an alternative path.  I began working with a naturopathic doctor, receiving intravenous therapy and also continued working with my chiropractor.  Their goal was to support my immune system, and to help the body to recover.

I survived against all medical advice. There are five different medical doctors who have called it a miracle.

My case was taken to a panel of oncologists. How did this person possibly recover?

I am grateful to Dr. Luburic because she was the chiropractor on this case.

I owe these two gifted natural healers, my life.

Can it work for you? There are no guarantees that I or anyone can provide you with, but I can say that they can give you BETTER than a 0% chance of recovery, and I was prepared to fight for every day. It is now over two years later.

Thank you Nada. Natural healing can and does really work!

I suffered from dizziness that was diagnosed as Vertigo and was told I had to live with it and use medication.

I suffered from back problems, especially lower back and was told it was job related from standing all day. The only answer was wearing orthopedics and stretching and strengthening your back.

Well, I lived with these pains for many years and even got to the point where I was told that I needed extensive physiotherapy and spent almost a year of going to a physiotherapist 3x a week.

The physio would help, but I would never get better until I met Dr. Nada and was made aware through X-Rays of all my spinal misalignment that have been causing me pain for over 20 years.

I am 40 and after starting treatment with Dr. Nada my Vertigo went away permanently and all my back pains have disappeared.

I haven’t felt this good since I was a little boy in a schoolyard. My wife and my 2 boys, 13, years old and 10 years old now also go to see Dr. Nada to treat their misalignments before they become chronic like mine.

“The main benefit of chiropractic care is to free the nervous system from blockages or sublaxations which result in pain removal in the muscles and increases efficiency of every corresponding organ supplied by the same nerves, hence increases the total health and aids in disease prevention”

Leslie Cochrane
I am very pleased with the results I’ve experienced as a patient of Dr. Nada Luburic.

She has provided relief for my osteoarthritic knee as well as for my scoliosis. Her holistic approach is very effective and the atmosphere at her clinic is accommodating and friendly.

One of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my well-being.

Mary Rajic and Family
I have been coming to Nada since 2005. She has seen me through early labour, baby-hood, and all of the trials and tribulations that come with raising healthy children and staying on top of the game ourselves. Chiropractic has served our family well….every system in our bodies has greatly benefitted from this non-invasive and gentle modality. We always leave Nada’s office feeling centered, calm, and stronger. The treatments with her unify mind and body. We are so very grateful for her commitment to her patients, and her loving care!

In Gratitude, Mary Rajic and family

Santino Vattelli
I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress, mentally, emotionally and physically for too many years.

At first I thought there was nothing you could do so I just kept going until I became very anxious.  I was feeling anxious towards work, with my family and everyone around me.  I was always an easy going guy, go with the flow kind a guy, but I had become burnt out and was not a happy person, which meant I wasn’t fun to be around anymore.

I was feeling down, hopeless and depressed.  I had spent over five years running from one doctor to the next.  No one seemed to help me until I was introduced to a Chiropractor.

At first I thought what was someone who cracks backs going to do for me?  However after being adjusted by Dr. Nada, I instantly felt my whole body and mind change.  There were no words to explain what was happening except that a miracle was really taking place.  I started to feel happier, uplifted, more calm, more clarity and a lot less stressed.

My anxiety dropped right down as I finally started to feel relief for the first time in many years.  I’ve become a happier person, my family is happier and so is everyone else around me.

Thank God.

Francois Maguire
My three boys and I have been coming to see Dr. Nada for chiropractic adjustments for the last 10 years.

Through the years, I have been able to work through illness (Crohn’s disease and fibromyaliga) a lot easier.

The relief is due to my adjustments. My boys are now adults, they lead a very healthy life and they continue with their chiropractic care with Dr. Nada every time they are home.

They understand the importance of the treatments to maintain their good health.

I am happy to say that my husband is now benefiting from chiropractic care with Dr. Nada. He is now on the road to better health. Chiropractic is part of our routine, we are living healthier and happier lives because of our adjustments.

Helen Garrioch
I met Dr. Nada 5 years ago when I had terrible back pain. She saw me immediately and it was discovered that my back and my neck were subluxated and out of alignment.

Over the years I had lifted too much and slept in the wrong position (on my stomach) so my back and neck were twisted badly. Through the course of Nada’s treatments I started to feel better. My back got freed from their misalignments.

I still see her to maintain a feeling of well being and proper alignment as I sometimes flip on the ice in the winter.

Dr. Nada has strengthened me out in many ways and she is an angel.

I highly recommend her chiropractic care.

Sandra Kondo
I thought I was well, but my neck was causing extreme pain in my right shoulder.

I can’t believe Nada identified my source of pain and started treatment immediately.

  1. Breathing improved after 1st treatment
  2. Sleeping improved. There was no more pain in right elbow and shoulders. I was able to sleep on my left side without pain.
  3. Exercises have improved my overall flexibility.
  4. Gastric reflex has diminished significantly.
  5. No more SI joint pain and it remains that way.

At the one year mark I felt 15 years younger, better flexibility, balance and strength.

Chester Jenkins
My name is Chester Jenkins. I am 60 years old and I have been driving a truck for over 30 years.

Driving has taken its’ toll on my body. I have degenerated disk in the lower back due to misalignment. My neck pain was so severe it would bring me to tears.

Over time my wife persuaded me to make an appointment with Dr. Luburic.

Few weeks later no more pain!

I have been seeing her for a year and still no pain. Also I jumped down from my truck one day and damaged my foot. The bones in my foot would click on every step. After couple of days the pain became unbearable. I had to walk on the side of my foot. After 2 sessions I could walk normally and after a couple more adjustments the pain went away.

Now, I go twice a month and I am pain free.  I am so thankful for Dr. Luburic.

Chris P.
I was referred to Dr. Nada due to spinal trauma I suffered at a young age. I had issues in everyday life that affected me in school, as well as my participation in sports. As a result of the trauma I also had digestive issues as I grew that did not seem to get better as I got older. I have been treated by Dr. Nada for three years and since then I have had a noticeable decrease in anxiety, fogginess, and improved digestion. I am also able to participate more in activities that I enjoy.

The clinic is family friendly and we have been bringing our two year old to see Dr. Nada since he was one week old. He is a very happy, healthy child who has had very few teething and colic issues. My wife has also seen Dr. Nada throughout both of her pregnancies and has had minimal health issues that often relate to pregnancy. Overall, my family is very pleased with the effectiveness of Dr. Nadaʼs treatment.